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„Holocaust – crime against humanity“

- aimed at tolerant upbringing and warns against extreme political movements in the present day. Students individually work with technical literature, documentaries and black and white photographs. They gather information from websites, discuss, and present their own reflections on their experiences. We organize the annual educational excursions to the concentration camp Auschwitz.

„Czechoslovakian peoples‘-democratic regime of the 1950‘s"

- students work with technical literature, period sources and texts, photocopies of authentic sources, and court files. They themselves meet anually with political prisoners/ current members of the Confederation of political prisoners in Ostrava, listen to authentic testimonies, discuss, and at the same time take part in the preparation of the secondary school students‘ conference.

Particular events

  • in November 2008 there was a common project of the „Human in Distress“ company and history seminar called Communistic Czechoslovakia.
  • in March 2009 a students‘ conference called Czechoslovakia and Ostrava in the times of normalization took place at school. It was sponsored by Mayor Petr Kajnar.

The first day was opened by our headmistress Dagmar Juchelková. It was followed by by the film „Neznámý host“ (1969) by Vlastimil Venclík, which initiated discussion about the normalization and next presentation led by Jiří Sovadina, PhD. After the break all the participants were split into two groups and worked in workshops. Each workshop worked with period documents and music. After lunch some significant personalities from the underground participated.

The second day was linked to the first one by the film of the series "30 případů majora Zemana". The film was followed by a lively discussion on the topic. The most frequently discussed topics were every-day life in the period of normalization, persecution , and Charter 77. The well-known guests enriched the conference with their memories and experience.

  • in April 2006 a two-day educational trip was organized. It traced inquisition processes in our region.

And here are our tasks for future

  • long-term historical projects about Human rights
  • March 2010 another two-day conference about Ostrava in the times of protectorate.

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