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Child sponsorship program

What is Child Sponsorship Program? It is a humanitarian project of the Association Humanisti which enables and provides financial support to African children, with a special focus on their education.

Students and teachers of our school have already been participating in this project „Child Sponsorship" for several years and in March 2004 we all became a mass adoptive parents of two African children.

These are a girl from Benin and a boy from Guinea. Every year we collect money that allows them to attend school and acquire education, so essential in life today, especially under poor and discouraging African conditions.

Every year, we are happy to receive the results of their studies as well as their kind personal greetings. This project CHILD SPONSORSHIP is not only beneficial for those in Africa, but it is also beneficial for our students in return who have the chance to experience the conditions people on other continents live in and they might take less for granted the opportunities they have when achieving education in their own country, at our school. In the context of this project we have been cooperating with the Association Humanisti.