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1. Student project – November 1989 in Ostrava

Within the project Kdo jiný,parts of the program „Jeden svět na školách“we carry out a school project known as „Rok 1989 v Ćeskoslovensku – ohlédnutí a reflexe“/The year 1989 in Czechoslovakia – Flashback and Reflection/

2. “Praklíč“ /Reading and Writing for Critical thinking/ directed to creating pupils key competences

Project no. CZ.1.07/1.1.07/2,0191.Our school is a partner in the project known as „Programme of Practice for development of key competences of pupils within a topic of the Environmental Education and the Public Education.

3 “Comenius“

4. “Comenius“

5. eTwinning

The colaboration of pupils and teachers from schools from various countries within the European Union.The project in which two and more schools carry out an education activity in a remote distance by means of the information and communication technologies


Cooperation of colleges and grammar and secondary schools

Project no. CZ1.07/2.2.00/07.0355.ESFproject of the Operativa Programme for Education for the competitivenessin which we collaborate with the University of Ostrava as a partner.

7. The project known as „Efektivní učení reformou oblasti gymnaziálního vzdělávání“

Effective Teaching by Means of a Reform in the Area of Secondary School Education/Project no. CZ1.07/1.1.07/11.0057.The project of nine secondary schools in the Moravia-Silesian Region within the Operative Programme for Education for the competitivness

8. Application of advanced schooling trends in a secondary school

Project no. CZ.1.10/2.1.00/06.00346. We have obtained a subsidy in the amount of 4,411,864,89CZKfrom structural funds of the European Union and national budgets by means of of a budget of the Regional Council for Coherence of Moravia-Silesia within the Regional Operetive Programme NUTS II Moravia-Silesia 2007/2013. The total anticipated project expenses are set at 4,769,761,29CZK due to the school co-financing the project in an amount equal to 7.5% from the admitted sum..

9. New approaches to using ICTin teaching natural science subjects in secondary schools

Registration no.CZ.1.07/1.1.07/02.0049. The ESF Project of the Operative Programme for Education for the Competitivness in which we collaborate with the University of Ostrava as a partner.