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Czech language

The Czech language and literature lessons take place in classrooms equipped with multimedia technology, thus allowing the interconnection of a literary text with a film, the easy use of audio and video materials, working with quality professional presentations. Czech language teachers at our school, however, do keep in mind that the basic and primary study source will ever remain a printed book. Since the earliest classes the pupils are encouraged to work with a specific text, to develop literacy and acquisition of natural respect and love for the arts, which are essential qualities of a sophisticated person today. At the time of rapidly evolving technical challenges we are not able to ignore using computers in a classroom of computer technology, which is ideal for example for using the learning programs (e.g. Spelling exercises in classes of senior-eight-year-course). It is obvious that the school runs its own library for both students and teachers (room No 50) largely equipped with the collections of art as well as professional literature. Our students are allowed to use this library for free.

In the course of a school year the Subject Committee of the Czech language organizes a number of traditional events, such as cultural and historical excursions of graduation classes to Prague, excursions following the footsteps of inquisitorial processes in the nearby Šumperk region, recitation contest for secondary schools, publishing a school magazine called “Bojler”, writing school chronicles etc.