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Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology is an obligatory subject. As it concerns mainly practical matters, students are divided into two groups, each containing 16 students at the most. Lessons take place in one of the two specialized classrooms equipped with a projector and students´ computers connected to the school network and the Internet.

Information and Communication Technology seminar is a two-year course. There are two lessons a week in the penultimate and final years of the study. We recommend the seminar mainly to students who want to study at technical universities or university of economics. The aim of the seminar is to extend students´ basic ICT knowledge so that they can use it in further study at university and also in practice.

In the first year, the subject contains the basics of algorithmic thinking and systematic approach to task solving. First, students write their algorithms in the Pascal language, later they learn how to use the Visual Basic language. Marginally, they learn how to create macros in the MS Office environment.

In the second year, students focus on information presentation – creating web pages in HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP environments, and also working with MySQL databases.

We offer e-learning study support, which does not only help the students to overcome their study problems but also encourages them to be more self-reliant and creative. We largely use LCMS MOODLE - a specialized study and control system where students can find all study materials and files, or suggestions for further tasks. In the moodle environment, students also hand in all their homework and tests.


  • PaySecCup – a year-long quiz competition for the first- to fourth-year students of the eight-year course
  • Nebojte se Office (Don´t be afraid of Office) – a regional competition focusing on MS Office applications
  • Microsoft Office Arena – a national competition focusing on MS Office applications
  • Diversity – an international robot programming competition
  • Bobříkinformatiky – a national informatics competition for primary (6th-9th years), secondary and eight-year grammar schools
  • Maths Olympics, P category – informatics part of the Maths Olympics

„Learn to touch type“ circle

Every year, we offer a „Learn to touch type” circle to our students. The first- and second-year students of the eight-year course learn to touch type by means of an original programmed tuition called ZAV. After 400 exercises, students should manage to retype more than 99 % of a Czech test without looking at the keyboard.