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Two Years with Comenius

When we first began this project, we weren´t sure what was going on and what we would do. We started to like it as the time went on and as more and more interesting topics appeared. There were of course some situations where we had to work really hard, think about new things to write and translate them, but when we saw our results in e-magazine, we were proud of ourselves. We also enjoyed that in „Comenius“ lessons we didn´t have to work with school books. Later we realized that it was worth it, we found out that there was a possibility to join an exchange programme with our friend abroad. This exchange programme proceeded successfully this year and thanks to it we experienced things that we just had read about before.

Thanks to this project we were able to learn closely about the culture of our new friends.

Hoa Nguyenová, Zuzana Ročková, Katka Vidličková, septima B

This project gave us a great deal of experience in understanding not only our culture but also the Catalan region. We have established friendly relationships with foreign students which will last a long time.

At the beginning the work was demanding and complicated, mainly due to the fact we were not previously aware of what we were going to do. Much larger, however, was our passion that literally radiated from us, once our collaboration fully started.

We threw ourselves on the marionette production and day after day we transformed and then learned the texts of our countryman, Jarek Nohavica. Impression could be summarized in two words: hard-work and cooperation within the team.

Our efforts culminated in a personal meeting with our collegues from Catalonia.

In this region, we not only took home a memorable experience, but also an amount of donations – for example the Catalan right smoked thigh ( a gift appreciated by Mr.Bacon).

Looking back on the project, we will persist in feeling warm and blissful memories forever.

We will never forget you, Project Comenius!

Jana Teuerová, Pavlína Spurná, Soňa Mrázková, Filip Stavárek, Hanka a Katka Slaninovy (Bacon twins), Septima B

We have been working on this project for two years – brainstorming, translating and processing many materials to show Catalan partners and their teachers something from our country, where we live and from regional wealth in which our locality abounds.

Our group concentrated especially on the song translations of current legendary local songwriter Jarek Nohavica.

We also made some of national fairy tales and myths in English. Thanks to this expended effort we have been given the opportunity to see Catalan life and culture close-up. Fully charged with positive energy and coming back from the south-European trip, we continued our work on the project.

A month and a half later, we warmly welcomed the Catalan friends in our school. Fed with a Czech meal and impressions from our play, we believe that they went back home with no fewer decent feelings and gained awareness of our nation, culture and people.

We are very glad that we have been given the opportunity to participate on this international project.

Viktor Michnáč, septima B