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The subject focuses on geographic sphere which is formed by nature environment and human activity. The aim of the subject is to reveal and explain relations between natural and social environments. The subject makes students understand the causes, developments and state of today´s world in all its diversity, problems and essential differences. Students should understand and be able to clarify these processes taking place on the Earth.

The curriculum can be divided into several units: universe, cartography, physical geography, social geography and regional geography focused on Europe and the Czech Republic.

In the first year, students acquire general knowledge of natural and socioeconomic segments of the Earth.

In the second year and the first part of the third year, they apply the acquired knowledge in practice when studying individual geomorphological regions.

In the second part of the third year, we focus on comparing individual regions and analysing current world problems, especially current unbalanced development.

The last year is focused on our country and local region.

The curriculum is directly linked to History and Civics. We prefer regional issues focused on social, political and economic sectors to teaching about natural systems. In the lessons we include maps, instructional PC presentations, geographical statistics and graphs. Geographical excursions, lectures and field practice are also included in the curriculum.

Students regularly take part in the school round of the Geography Olympics and other geography competitions.