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At our school, History is taught in all years of the eight-year-course and four-year-course. Not only in regular lessons, but also as Seminars of History as well as in the form of historical excursions. The fundamental goal set by our Subject Committee is to provide an interesting and professionally well prepared History lesson; the lessons of modern History are well supported to be able to provide better understanding of today´s world, the basis for the study of Political Science, Law, History, etc.

Pupils and students are led to significantly more intensive involvement in the preparation and presentation of lessons (projects, papers, multimedia presentations, seminar papers) leading to independent work, searching for facts (using sources) and evaluation of historical facts, arguments and defending their own opinions.

Since 1997, we have been implementing projects in the framework of the Association of schools associated with UNESCO in the area of "Respect for Human Rights". Both of our school projects are focused on human rights violations in totalitarian regimes and they are dedicated to Czechoslovak and European history.

Every year since 2006, we organize a Two-day Student Conference for students of secondary schools and their teachers from Ostrava and even remote locations in Bohemia and Moravia. In addition to gaining experience, skills and new knowledge they leave the conference with a journal full of notes and materials they were using during the conference at the end of the event.

In the framework of lessons, seminars and conferences we closely cooperate with the Civic Association PANT, the Association People in Need, Živápaměť, o.p.s, the Confederation of Political Prisoners, the Association Daughters of the '50s, the Jewish Community in Ostrava, and the Archive of the City of Ostrava.